“Open Sesame” by rhoing

“Open Sesame”

Don’t laugh, but I actually needed the directions/owner’s manual to figure out how to get the GoPro out of its case! The black “bar” at the top of this image must be pulled up. But it’s locked and you have to slide a button to unlock or release it! It is clearly a two-handed task.

Once that bar is up, the “back door” must be pried open. For now it “sticks” because of the seal.

Now I can insert the charged battery and await the delivery of a microSD card!

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Interesting, but remember, you do like those puzzles.
January 14th, 2014  
This looks fun! What is the black thing it is sitting on?
January 14th, 2014  
@espyetta I debated trying to explain the black square. OK, here goes.
The stuff (owner's manual etc.) comes in a cardboard box. The black thing is the top lid of the cardboard box and the camera comes like this, mounted on top of the cardboard box. Then over the camera is a [clear] acrylic cube, so this is what protects the camera, but allows an in-store customer to see how small the whole set-up is!
How'd I do describing? Now compare to an image: http://www.amazon.com/GoPro-CHDHE-301-HERO3-White-Edition/dp/B009TCCTSQ/
January 14th, 2014  
@digitalrn Right you are, Rick! Thanks for a good chuckle!
January 14th, 2014  
@rhoing good job because I totally get what you are saying. The link you sent would not open on my iPad though.
January 14th, 2014  
@espyetta Hmm. This one probably won't work, either, but what the heck: http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/71aLcutwVkL._SL1500_.jpg
January 14th, 2014  
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