Well *this* worked out well! by rhoing

Well *this* worked out well!

Went out to my car before 7 a.m. and there was a moth on one of the windows. I haven’t seen this kind of moth before, so I shot several frames right away with my P&S. When it didn’t move, I went back in the house for my T2i and shot several more frames from the outside. When I got in the car to go to my weekly Saturday morning breakfast group, I saw how cool it looked from the inside looking out!

» For the top view, see the “sighting” page for this sighting, http://www.butterfliesandmoths.org/sighting_details/983341

I’ve skimmed a couple thousand moth images at BAMONA — http://www.butterfliesandmoths.org/gallery — and my best guess is “Tulip-tree Beauty” “Epimecis hortaria,” but let’s see what Roger says.

Confirmed at BAMONA as “Epimecis hortaria” or “Tulip-Tree Beauty”; http://www.butterfliesandmoths.org/sighting_details/983341

1 year ago (“Eastern Tailed-Blue”): http://365project.org/rhoing/365/2013-06-28
2 years ago (“Harnessed moth”): http://365project.org/rhoing/365/2012-06-28
3 years ago (“Mineral, animal or vegetable?”): http://365project.org/rhoing/365/2011-06-28

Brilliant capture and what a great model you had. So patient. LOL.
June 29th, 2014  
I love the shape of its wings
June 29th, 2014  
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