“A River Runs Through It” by rhoing

“A River Runs Through It”

Or Why Is There a Gutter Lying on the Concrete?
We had a torrential rain several hours ago and Clare went into the garage to put something in the recycling bin only to see that we had water running through the garage, from back to front.

It took about an hour to — well, call the contractor first — and move things away from the stream running through. As you can see, there is no gutter on this edge of the roof, so I tried to sweep water away from the temporary, plywood wall and I placed the gutter under the edge of the roof to take away some of the runoff from the roof.

In the end, it was a nuisance more than anything else, but a surprise nuisance at that.

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That could cause some issues for sure
September 14th, 2014  
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