Eric & Caitlyn by rhoing

Eric & Caitlyn

Several months ago I decided to make a concerted effort to photograph more of the “people in my life” (see my “piml” tag). Looking beyond my family and my dearest friends, it started with the stylist who often cuts my hair. She is someone who is in my life somewhat infrequently at once-a-month, but over a longer period of time.

At another frequency-and-period combination are the people who come into our lives and are perhaps quite important, but over a shorter period of time. When you're in a lot of pain, few people are more important than those people at the physical therapy facility. They can be life-changers.

Eric has been my ultrasound and traction guy for most of my sessions for the past month. I'm scheduled for an MRI next week; the suspicion is a disc and/or nerve problem, possibly in the C6/C7 area because of the tingling in my left thumb and index finger…

Caitlyn has been the person who has dealt with the insurance people. Enough said, right?

Thank you, Eric and Caitlyn. I've done my exercises, but the physical therapy has done the heavy lifting — so to speak — on my road to recovery. At least I hope there will be a nearly-100% recovery from my slips in the water nearly 3 months ago —

About the photo. For the first two shots, Caitlyn was sitting at her desk and the apparent height difference was a bit absurd. So I asked Caitlyn to stand and I don't know what was said, but I took this shot before they posed. I like this result much more than the subsequent posed photo.

1 year ago (“‘Before’ and ‘After’”):
2 years ago (“Such long shadows … before 3 p.m.”):
3 years ago (“Comfort & Joy”):
4 years ago (“Blue sky. Calm lake. And 21-feet of boat.”):

[ IMG_7696S12x9tmSc :: f/4 :: 1/60" :: ISO-200 :: 60mm :: bounced flash ]
Great to capture these two in a happy moment! The physical therapist can make the ordeal better or worse. Glad you have good ones, and so did I a few years back, and so do all who have Harbie here: @harbie
January 4th, 2016  
PT is the best. Good luck!
January 4th, 2016  
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