Travel day by rhoing

Travel day

Three frames. Two of them unsuitable. So it's this one by default, fuzzy focus at 1/5" though it is. And thus begins Year 6 (if inauspiciously).

Kind of an appropriate theme on a travel day.
This is the creche belonging to Clare's parents. The figures are pottery/ceramic, but Dad made the "structure." Pretty special in that regard.

1 year ago (“Grandma’s house”):
2 years ago (“Three of Mom’s granddaughters”):
3 years ago (“No picnic today”):
4 years ago (“Mom’s guest room”):
5 years ago (first post, “Noah Webster Home”):

[ IMG_7945S12x8Otm :: f/5.6 :: 1/5" :: ISO-800 :: 55mm ]
That is a GORGEOUS nativity scene! Just beautiful! Year 6, huh? Are you still taking a pic a day but posting them "behind schedule" as you always used to? You and I sort of do the same thing now. I don't necessary take/post a shot a day though. I just do what I can do. It's a habit I cannot seem to totally break. Happy New Year to you!
January 17th, 2016  
@espyetta Yeah, I just noticed or was reminded of the stained glass work as the back wall of the "stable."
Yep, still shooting every day, but there are days of too-much-to-do and days of many-many-frames to review that put me "behind schedule." And half-of-November was lost to getting a physical injury under pain control. It's turned out to be a pinched nerve and slipped and/or bulging disc(s). I see the neck specialist's PA on 02.02. We'll see what lies ahead. I'm hopeful I can return to rowing (which was probably the cause of the injury back in late September, or at least the straw that broke the camel's back so-to-speak).
January 17th, 2016  
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