Common geranium by rhoing

Common geranium

From Alice B. Russell, Extension Specialist, Consumer Horticulture, North Carolina State University, » “Geraniums are among the most popular flowering plants. Outdoors they are used as annual bedding plants, in hanging baskets, in pots and in window boxes. Indoors they are cultured as houseplants in sunny locations.

“Common geraniums are actually members of the genus Pelargonium, while members of the genus Geranium include native wildflowers and herbaceous perennials. Major types of common geraniums grown by home gardeners include:

“*Common Garden Geraniums or Zonal Geraniums* - “Pelargonium x hortorum” is the common geranium. Sold as bedding plants, they are compact in habit and often have fancy leaves marked by distinct bands or zones of darker pigments, tricolored leaves or leaves with silver or white markings. Flowers may be single or double, are clustered into heads, and range from red, pink, salmon and white.”

According to the director at the Greenhouse, this is “Pelargonium x hortorum”; it is a cultivar in the 'Patriot' series, 'Patriot Evening Glow.'

Species page at PhytoImages,

Photo taken at SIUC Plant Biology Greenhouse,

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One of the most beautiful flowers, I think!
January 27th, 2016  
These nice soft colors are quite unique, not a common color combination
January 27th, 2016  
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