Tennessee Brew Works [Travel day ETSOOI]  by rhoing

Tennessee Brew Works [Travel day ETSOOI]

We have an early flight tomorrow, so we're spending the night in Nashville. For dinner we returned to Tennessee Brew Works. For this flight, Basil Ryeman was easily our first choice … but it was a different 4-pack that went to the car with us, Colts Bolts Imperial Stout: “Inspired by the original Colts Bolts chocolate by the Colts Chocolate Company, since 1984. Founder Mackenzie Colt, ‘put her hand to the creation of amazing desserts and chocolates. Her sweet treats soon became highly coveted by friends, family, famous musicians, and celebrities.’ coltschocolates.com/about-us/

“Here’s how the original Colts Bolts chocolate candy is described by Colts Chocolates: ‘Milk or dark chocolate, custom blended peanut butter, and freshly roasted whole almonds make the Colts Bolt a taste of pure decadence. While the combination of peanut butter and chocolate has been around since the early 1900s, it took an innovative chocolatier to discover this unparalleled blend.’ — coltschocolates.com/buy-chocolates/colts-bolts/

“At 10% Alcohol by Volume, the Colts Bolts Imperial Pastry Stout showcases the same qualities as the original chocolate candy. We brew this beer with real peanut butter, almonds and chocolate — all natural ingredients — consistent with the brewing principles of all Tennessee Brew Works beers.”

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Love the light.
February 17th, 2020  
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