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As I'm uploading my hundredth photo today, I thought it was about time I changed one smiley face for another and told you something about myself.
I am married to Dewi and we have three grown up sons, two beautiful daughters in law and, became proud grandparents for the first time six weeks ago. Dewi and I live on Ynys Mon (the island of Anglesey) in north Wales and I am a primary school teacher.
For most of my life I have considered a camera to be a way of capturing a moment in time for posterity. This was done using an instamatic camera and more recently a digital camera, the workings of which were mostly a mystery to me. I was inspired to look differently at photography and see it as a more creative and artistic pastime by one of my sisters in law and her daughter, whose interest in photography had increased drastically and whose ability as photographers had suddenly blossomed. They have both completed their original 365 Project but are still posting photos and are as enthusiastic as ever.
Just as I am discovering the full potential of my Lumix TZ7 Dewi has recently given me a Lumix G3 for my birthday so that I can learn more about manual settings. Since joining the 365 Project I'm sure I take better photographs and I look at the world around me in a different light. I'm certainly enjoying being a part of this friendly community, but it does take a lot of time. So, on with the next 265 photos and let's hope I can complete my project!