365-100 Hundred

Yay! I made it to 100 days !!! How cool is that !!!

Once again, a big thanks to all you cool people who drop in, and post such wonderful, encouraging comments ... that it really keeps me going :)
Really creative shot. Lovely vibrant colours, an advert for healthy eating!
posted April 23rd, 2012  
Yep that is cool!. Wonderful vibrant colour and love the little water drops.
posted April 23rd, 2012  
yay congrats! look at those beautiful veggies!
posted April 23rd, 2012  
@esolvideosuk Thanks Jennie
@purdey Thanks Sharon
@pearlgirl Thanks Reeni
posted April 23rd, 2012  
Great idea for 100. Well done
posted April 23rd, 2012  
Congoo!!! I love all your ideas of celebrating the journey!! This one is no exception!!
posted April 23rd, 2012  
AH!! Jolly, you always think of the best ways to celebrate. . .I will come behind you fairly soon, so I'd better start working on my own idea NOW. I remember your concerns early on about being able to get the passion back. BRAVO and congratulations!
posted April 23rd, 2012  
Happy 100! Cheers to at least 266 more! Nice light on this pic.
posted April 23rd, 2012  
@peterdegraaff Thanks Peter.
@yogee246 Thanks Gita
@lyno Thanks Lyn, yes, passion is back, :))))
@vskolnik Thanks Vee
posted April 25th, 2012  
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