day 73/365 | this is one of the many necklaces i never wear, on top of notecards for a speech i have to give in front of 100 people on monday. scary! wish me luck. also- not really sure if i like my added typing, 'the dreamcatcher' there...what do you think?

PS: my speech is about why the rainforest shouldn't be cut down, something i feel very strongly about!
pretty =)
posted May 14th, 2011  
i like ur typing its cool you hjave to like really look at the pic to see it!!! keep it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted May 14th, 2011  
The added typing is so cool! Hope your speech went well!
posted May 15th, 2011  
very nice! yes i like the dream catcher :) oh i have to read mine too!!! AHHH! I AM SO SCARED! lol.
posted May 15th, 2011  
@odonovan - thanks!! and oh my goodness i'm so nervous!
@elmatia223 @nickculli @ejgrey - thank you all!!
posted May 15th, 2011  
posted May 28th, 2011  
posted May 29th, 2011  
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