Winter sunshine by roachling

Winter sunshine

A super weekend of warm sunshine for my final walks of this month.

I did a bit better than January despite the month being 3 days shorter...

- I didn't walk or go outside on 3 days out of the 28.

- I managed to walk 143.7 miles in total in February. That's an average of 5.1 miles per day (or 5.75 over the 25 days I did walk).

- I spent 61 hours outside (11 hours more than last month).

I'm hoping to start really increasing the hours outdoors with spring on the horizon, longer days, hopefully better weather and of course, getting Jasper into the garden.

I'm also hoping to walk a similar amount of miles in March. I'm way ahead of schedule at the moment on walking 1000 miles this year but once Jasper is walking in a few months, I'm sure my walks will suddenly get a lot shorter, so I'm trying to build up the mileage as much as I can now. Plus I don't like hot weather so perhaps won't be able to walk as much in summer either!
Lovely light.
March 5th, 2021  
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