Wombat Pool. by robz

Wombat Pool.

Cradle Mountain N.P.
Wet, foggy, cold, windy on the mountains, beautiful, rugged and fabulous.
The water is stained orange from the button grass. The wombats leave inch long cubes of poo on the walkways - why push through scrub when there's a path.
cubes? ouch!
February 24th, 2021  
Oh they look chilly. Do we get to see the Wombat poo? I am fascinated.
February 24th, 2021  
Looks like a great place.
February 24th, 2021  
A wonderful scene and great narrative.
February 24th, 2021  
Fertilizer. That's probably why everything looks so lush and green :-)
February 24th, 2021  
Beautiful place and shot. Lovely narrative.
February 24th, 2021  
Great shot
February 24th, 2021  
Looks Beautiful...fav
February 24th, 2021  
Beautiful image. I love the brilliant colors glowing through the mist.
February 24th, 2021  
Looks pretty- but I guess you'd better wear boots if you want to walk along the path! Nice shot.
February 24th, 2021  
February 25th, 2021  
Wonderful comp. Looks like a beautiful N.P.
February 25th, 2021  
Looks a great place to visit
February 25th, 2021  
Hope to get to Cradle Mt one day. Lovely shot.
February 25th, 2021  
Fabulous image and pov. The two humans on the bench look very relaxed.
February 25th, 2021  
Super capture, cubes sound interesting!
February 25th, 2021  
Great capture
February 25th, 2021  
So glad you got people in this shot and how the path leads right to them...(which, of course, makes sense)...such good scale. Nice mist effect. You go to such interesting places!
February 25th, 2021  
Great capture!
February 26th, 2021  
Nice viewpoint on this spot. Convenient for the wombats too!!!!
February 27th, 2021  
@kali66 LOL Kali - I don't know why or how they end up cubic - it's pretty weird. Thanks for having a look. :)
March 2nd, 2021  
Hi everybody - thanks for your interest, favs and wonderful comments on this photo. After telling Kali that I didn't know why the poo was cubic I did a Google:
This is a link to a site which explains why - and also has the cutest picture of a baby wombat!


@kali66 - and they are the only animals that do it - thanks for making me wonder why!
@wakelys - pretty strange hey?
@peadar - it is just beautiful Peter.
@ludwigsdiana - thanks Diana - they are fascinating
@helstor - probably true! - they do so much pooping!
@haskar - Thanks Haskar - it's so very beautiful
@elisasaeter - thanks Elisabeth
@tonygig - thanks Tony - thanks for the fav too. :) @cristinaledesma33 - i think the damp foggy conditions really helped with the green. :)
@olivetreeann - LOL Ann - you definitely have to watch where you're putting your feet. :)
@777margo - you are so right Margo - it's very special.
@pusspup - I think you would love it - it's very different to the mainland.
@sangwann - LOL Dione - they were pretty tired by the time they reached that spot. :)
@craftymeg - the cubes are pretty weird!
@bkbinthecity - thank you for having a look. :)
@granagringa - Thanks Granagringa for your lovely comments - I do appreciate them. We are lucky that our 2 girls are intrepid travellers and happy for us to tag along! :)
@jacqbb - Thanks Jacqueline :)
@casablanca- LOL - they use them as highways! We found out that they can run at 38km/hr - the girls saw 2 of them having a real barney - chasing each other, doing somersaults, biting each other !! :)
@pdulis - Thank you Peter
@shutterbug49 - Thank You Shutterbug - it's just wonderful - beautiful.
March 2nd, 2021  
@robz Thanks for that link, still laughing!
March 2nd, 2021  
Funny link and who would know that a baby wombat could be so darn cute.
March 2nd, 2021  
well apart from the last paragraph that was a fascinating read and a very cute wombat baby!
March 2nd, 2021  
@robz Lol
March 4th, 2021  
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