2 hours til sunset... by robz

2 hours til sunset...

Stanthorpe lies in an enclosed valley - it gets quite cold and it collects smoke very well.....
Beautiful mood and a nice halo. But the lines catch my attention (the wiring and the street which reflects the light). Fav
October 11th, 2019  
yeah still smoke here - we got our first rescue team in to a mum and joey at the Rappville fires today. still smouldering there so rain will be most welcome!
October 12th, 2019  
So, there is at least one positive point with the smoke : you get some interesting light for photography.
October 12th, 2019  
@koalagardens What a terrifying fire that was! And deliberately lit too. I really hope they catch that person and he gets charged with murder because that's what it was. It must have been devastating for wild life as well as human residents. I often wonder how anything could survive. I hope your koala and joey can be saved.
October 12th, 2019  
@robz yes truly terrifying indeed. tens of thousands of prime koala habitat went up, and another much bigger fire not far away. the mind boggles when it comes to fires being lit like this.
October 12th, 2019  
Very nice
October 12th, 2019  
I can see that smoke in the air. Very scary stuff.
October 13th, 2019  
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