They're off and running..... by robz

They're off and running.....

For the 52week challenge - "seen from the viewpoint of another" Only 8 weeks to go!!!
very nice image and perfect for the challenge! Fav
November 4th, 2019  
Love it, especially on Melbourne Cup Day. I actually backed the winner today, can't remember when that last happened. The $10 constitutes my entire annual betting total so I don't exactly need Gamblers' Anonymous.
November 5th, 2019  
The other really Good Thing was that Vow and Declare is an Aussie horse, Aussie trained and with an Aussie jockey!!
November 5th, 2019  
@golftragic How good was it - against all of those foreign horses owned by identities with huge amounts of money? And Errol actually also backed the winner for the first time in 35 years. He'd been given a tip from a friend who lives in Gympie and works at the High School. Apparently Gympie went berseck when he won. I do hope that the industry cleans up its act though - that TV article was disgusting..... :)
November 6th, 2019  
@robz As the foreigners have increasingly taken over the race I've become less and less interested. I almost didn't do any bets but seeing Vow and Declare was all True Blue I thought I'd put my huuuuuge bet on so I could watch my money go round. Got almost $80 back, I'm rapt - on all counts. Good on Gympie. And yes, the industry does need to clean up its act bigtime. But as my very horsey daughter said, most thoroughbreds do not make good saddle horses, especially for kids, they're too high-strung and bred to go!! It's a very complex issue, but at the heart of it all is that any animal on a one-way trip should be treated with dignity. The other day I heard the very well-credentialled bloodstock agent Shelley Hancox, say on RN Breakfast that, amongst other things, horses get all het-up in trucks etc unless they're in individual stalls, something I didn't know. Over-breeding has a lot to answer for too.
November 7th, 2019  
There's obviously more going on than the normal Joe recognizes. Whenever big money dominates it's a pretty safe bet that some of the softer, more humane practices will go out the window. Enough to make you feel like going and hiding in a hole somewhere...
November 7th, 2019  
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