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Update Jan 14 - so the year has finished and I have decided to continue although not as religiously following the days as I did during year 1. Its been a great journey and I have learnt so much. The comments and follows from everyone have been truly inspirational. I decided to take ace membership and have a separate album which I am dedicating purely to Aviation. I have more than enough pictures there to make a 365!

Update 29th September - What a year its been. This project has really got me out and about far more than I ever anticipated. Its seen the end of 17-85 lens and the introduction of a nice 18-250 one! Some days its been tough to find inspiration or time however I have come this far and I am determined to finish it now. As the days get shorter its will become tougher I know. What has kept me going is looking at all my photos and realising that you can actually see the seasons as they happen. The other amazing thing is the very kind and inspirational comments that mean so much. Thanks everyone.

Update 2nd May. Finally some better weather during April. I quite like the way that all of my photographs are more colourful as spring sets in. Looking forward to some more challenges in the months ahead.

Update 1st April. Its been another challenging month. Managed to get out and about despite the continuing poor weather. Really looking forward to the longer days that lie ahead.

Update 3rd March. I am finding it much harder than I thought. I am using the excuse of poor weather which has been contributory. A couple of spells of illness and a general lack of time have also been a lmiting factor. Roll on spring proper.

Update 31st Jan. Well thats the first month complete and I have enjoyed broadening my horizons a bit. Now for February!

My main passion is Aviation so I expect that some of my 365 pictures this year will be related to that.

I am keen to try some different subjects and am hoping that the 365 project will give me that impetus.

I also have a Flickr account (Rod Martins)