Not the best way to spend 11 hours today. by ropo

Not the best way to spend 11 hours today.

Went to the ER due to chest pains. I'm fine now, and the treadmill test said my heart is also fine. Could've been indigestion.
Last time I was admitted to a hospital I was five. Things have apparently changed a bit. That little barcode thingy on the right is all high-tech, and they scan it each time they give you a pill. Scan the pill packet, scan the bracelet, swallow the pill.
Hello Robbie, in your write up you said sometimes you take photographs some times snapshots. either one is a moment in time captured and able to share with countless others. And whatever you take means something to you, and that is what is most important. Glad you are ok and can keep on snapping, clicking, or whatever you call it with the digital stuff
April 6th, 2010  
Thanks, Richard. I will! Some days I go out meaning to take photos and other days I sit around the house and realize, at 11pm, that I haven't yet taken a picture that day and I run around looking for something interesting in the house. I feel better when I've gotten out, but yes, it's a slice of my life either way.
April 6th, 2010  
Gosh, Robbie - glad to hear all is okay! Been through that experience myself...turned out to be job-related stress. Fun times, eh? Well, kudos oh having the presence-of-mind to document it on film. ha!
April 6th, 2010  
Sue, I would have documented it a lot more, but didn't have any cameras with me in the ER and wasn't allowed to turn on my cell phone (which takes photos that are so bad you can barely tell what they are anyway). So I took this when I got home. ;-) Yeah, no fun! Hope your job stress is less stressful now!
April 7th, 2010  
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