Hiatus broken by rowancyrene

Hiatus broken

I've been in a slump lately- have the big sad. On the plus side I start a new job tomorrow, and this is the first picture with my new lens! I got a 28-80mm on ebay after looking up a million reviews. I really like this lens so far.

I'm going to try to pull myself from my depressive slump and hopefully finish my dress for Samhain/Halloween this week...
Hello Ashley, sorry to hear you have had a slump, I guess it happens to most of us at some point and the current circumstances do not help at all. Lovely Autumnal shot here. I see that we are paired for Get Pushed this week. How would you feel about using either hands or feet to create a portrait that tells a story? If you are in a place to return a challenge for me that would be great, but no pressure if not. Look after yourself. Anne
September 27th, 2020  
Hello again Ashley, I am afraid that my week has gone a bit wrong and I have not been able to fulfil your challenge. I am teaching all day for the next three days so know that I will not be able to have time to be out with my camera. My apologies. Hopefully we will be paired again in the future and I will be able to take up another challenge with your! Anne
October 1st, 2020  
I know the feeling about being in a slump - I hope you feel better soon. For your Get Pushed challenge what do you think of something that makes you smile? i hope you can return the favour by challenging me to something. Thanks.
October 5th, 2020  
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