Balls of light by runner365

Balls of light

It was night, it was windy and I went out with a small tripod and my camera - opting for a low ISO and long exposure.
I like the result.

Love it, very cool result
March 2nd, 2017  
Am equally fascinated and curious about how you managed this.?
March 2nd, 2017  
Woe!!!!! Awesome
March 2nd, 2017  
You're having good fun experimenting with this camera, that's good for us. BTW you somehow fell off the list of those I follow, so I'm putting you back on!
March 2nd, 2017  
mysterious orbs
March 2nd, 2017  
Great idea, creatively done. Fav.
March 3rd, 2017  
Great result. Night time long exposure shots are always so interesting because you never quite know what you're going to get. Human eye vs. camera eye is very different in the dark.
March 3rd, 2017  
@graemestevens Thank you sir!
@s4sayer Well the long exposure and wind made the tall grass out of focus - while the low ISO and high aperture made it possible to capture the lighing orbs stand out and still add some gentle light to the grass ... add to that a remote so you don't shake the camera (it was very cheap on Amazon)
@olenadole Thank you very much.
@yrhenwr Thanks David, I was wondering a little when I saw your Follow annoncement since I thought you were already doing that.
And thank you very much for the compliment, I'm glad you find my medling worth the time.
@stray_shooter Low light gives you some really nice opportunities - and since this camera allows me to crank up the ISO beyond the 400 that the software on my former cheap camera allowed - it's great fun (I've noticed you yourself are experimenting with higher ISO settings)
@veengupta Yet Again - thank you so much
March 5th, 2017  
TYFY explanation...I'll need to,null over it to understand and...ask my resident expert. BTW I keep meaning to tell you how much your English has improved. Please understand, although it was never 'not good', now it's a pleasure to see much progress ;-)
March 5th, 2017  
@s4sayer Well thank you very much.
I guess it comes down to me being quite auditive and thus having a large vocabulary when it comes to speaking the language. On the other hand I know that there might be some shortcomings when it comes to spelling words I'm comfortable with in speech.
This must be the proof that spell checking and dictionaries actually has its benefits :-) Since I don't have to work my way around to avoid words I'm not sure I can spell right so often anymore.
March 5th, 2017  
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