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This was planned to be:

After, more or less, not running for two years I’ve decided to pick it up again – this project is 365 days to get back into shape.

The idea is to do some kind of exercise every day, mostly running, and to take and publish a picture in conjunction with the chosen activity. As my routes gets longer - it will be reflected in my shots.

It turned out to be:

A Photo diary with small glimpses of everyday stuff with probably absolutely no interest to others - but great joy for me :-)
Some of the photos that were not picked as the daily upload to 365project can be seen here


Update 5/12/2016

This photography thing is catchy - so now I mostly use a Sony ILCE-6000. After seeing a glimpse of what this thing can do, I think I have just got my first real camera.

Me - I'm a 47 y.o. teacher from Copenhagen, Denmark.
I dabble in music, math and art - and try to expand my knowledge of photography with this project.