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May 3, 2014 update - Today is the end of my second year on 365, and it is time to say goodbye. I may post a photo occasionally or maybe not, but my commenting days are over. This is an amazing community with the best, most supportive photographers I’ve ever been involved with, but it is extremely time-consuming, and other activities have been neglected for the past two years, so it is time to move on. I have avoided adding new follows for the past several months in an attempt to save time, but it just hasn’t worked.

June 2013 update - Now that my wife has largely recovered from surgery, I am nearly back to a full-time project, but need to cut back somewhere. I want to continue posting and making comments, so I plan to cut back on the "thank yous" in order to save some time. Believe me, I still appreciate your comments very much, and will continue to try to answer your questions.

March 2013 update - Now that I have finished my first year it is time to scale back to a part time project. Please read my comments from my March 28, 2013 post to learn more. http://365project.org/rvwalker/365/2013-03-28

Photography has changed my life. I met my wife, Linda, at the Alameda Photographic Society in California and we have been taking pictures together ever since then. After moving to the beautiful Bear Lake Valley in Idaho, we founded the Sharp Shooters Camera Club here in Montpelier. I maintain a web site which also has links to my photo blog and to our Sharp Shooters web site. A 365 project has been a challenge here because we live in such an isolated, small town.

I don't do a lot of "processing" or set-ups. I prefer to search for something to photograph. I really enjoy exploring, especially here in the West. It is fun photographing old buildings, ghost towns, Indian rock art, wildlife, and landscapes.

It has been a wonderful experience seeing photos from all over the world from 365 participants. The skill level and imagination has been a joy to see.

email idbearlakers@msn.com