New horizon?

Yesterday we had a new front door fitted. At 1.07 metres, it's a little over 25 cm/10” wider than the old one. Wide enough for a procession! Having widened the gap, here are the Boys securing the door to the exterior walls before finessing the interior. I particularly like the muted shades of the exterior stonework having its moment of passive glory as the Boys seal the stone/door gap. All is watertight and we expect them back again on Monday to complete the job.

Sings on black
Wonderful capture
posted November 4th, 2017  
Really like your use of silhouette to hi-light the work being done.
posted November 4th, 2017  
Yeah, I like this - your treatment of this image captures the spirit of their quiet concentration on the job in hand.
posted November 4th, 2017  
I like the patterns around the door, especially on the black background.
posted November 4th, 2017  
Great shot of those hard working men.
posted November 4th, 2017  
Great capture and lighting
posted November 4th, 2017  
Very clever capture that has them silhouetted and in different positions while working.
posted November 5th, 2017  
Excellent.. the moment very effectively documented
posted November 6th, 2017  
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