Bleak House...sure is! by s4sayer

Bleak House...sure is!

A Monument to Manx Chancery and Government. So reads the small print. The long-running saga of Bleak House rumbles on. The property on Mooragh Promenade, Ramsey has been the subject of a lengthy legal dispute with the commissioners, who consider the building to be unsafe.

The most recent inspection was carried out from ground level last month by a firm of structural engineers, who used binoculars to view the upper storeys and the roof. In view of the apparent unsafe condition of the interior, an internal inspection was not carried out.

Owner Michael Morris and his partner who live in the building were present during the inspection. They told the engineers that since the previous inspection in July 2017 part of the ceiling in the stairwell had fallen down. After reading the report, the commissioners resolved to issue a ’time and place’ notice inviting all interested parties to attend a hearing. The hearing would give them a chance to state their intentions, if any, to secure the future of the property.

It would then be for the board to consider if such intentions were reasonable. If they felt the proposals were not reasonable, they would pursue a demolition order. All board members, except Wilf Young, agreed to a time and place notice being issued. He declared that it would be ’a waste of time and money.’

Bleaker on black.
Gosh it does look rather bleak. And for the inspectors to view with binoculars indicates their feelings about the safety of this poor old building. Thanks for the interesting photo and information
July 31st, 2018  
It looks bleak in your image but even bleaker in real life - it would make a great setting for a horror movie... providing it stayed up!
August 1st, 2018  
Oh, dear - your photo makes it fairly obvious that a lot of structure work has to be done as well as interior renovation. Unless the owners are millionaires I'm afraid your photo is going to be the only history for this house.
August 1st, 2018  
A great capture of decline and quite a story behind this image. How old is this building?
August 1st, 2018  
Like the smiley face on the top center window. Its like the building is daring the council and humans to make a choice.
August 1st, 2018  
Guessing...early C20th?
August 1st, 2018  
And people are living in it??
August 1st, 2018  
Yes! Ground floor, 1 couple I believe....
August 6th, 2018  
Do I understand that people actually LIVE there?!
August 9th, 2018  
Yep! Ground floor I think...enough time perhaps to get out if/when it starts to crumble.
August 9th, 2018  
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