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WOW its been a while! My boys are now almost 10 and 7 next month...
I got the account deletion email, and decided... i'd come back!! :D
Looking forward to getting back into photography again after all these years "off"!

Mum to 2 crazy boys, Lex 6 and Sylas 3. Didn't think i'd be able to do a 2nd year but with 11mths off inbetween i started again! And 2nd time around i'm back to the energy i had in early 2011... super keen and back to the ace account so i can share more! LOL!
Fave lens 50mm and 100mm macro :)
Would love to upgrade to a full frame, i'm shooting on a 7D atm which i do love.

I'm Sam, busy mum of 2 active and crazy little boys!
Looove taking photos so 365 is perfect for me!
mastering my 50mm lense skills as we go :)
enjoy x

*edit* Jan 31st...
Well, i took the plunge and upgraded to an ace account... so now i've got a 2nd album "bits and bobs" thats mainly my kids.
I try to make my 365 album a bit more of a variety of photos rather than the 2 peanuts heavy... this gives me a chance to do both...

Enjoy xx