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Sandbox365 was originally created as a response to many 365ers wanting to do more post editing and push their skills, all within the 365 structure.

The re-launch of Sandbox365 is focused on the Artist Challenge! Our focus will be to study the new artists posted for each Artist Challenge and then provide sample images and compositions as a learning experience for 365 members. This means we may enter the competitions but more importantly we'll describe and provide suggestions on how to produce or simulate the artist's style or sample images.

Sample images and compositions will be posted in the Sandbox365 albums.

Host Sandbox365's include:

@ltodd Lyn Todd
@kali66 Kali
@mikegifford Mike Gifford
@jesperani Jennifer
@taffy TaffyR
@deborah63 DebbieS


@ltodd Lyn Todd
I joined 365 in 2011, never expecting I would learn so much about my camera, photography in general, and to really love photo editing, from simple image correction, all the way to surreal compositing! I shoot my Canon 5D in RAW, and use Lightroom for most of the heavy lifting. My favorite plugins include Topaz, AlienSkin Exposure and SnapArt, although I have probably tried most available plugins at some time! I moved to using a Mac in 2014 & moved from using PSP to PS CC. I am still coming to grips with off camera flash and continue working on improving my fine art compositing and surrealism editing ability.

@kali66 Kali

@mikegifford Mike Gifford
Joined 365 in 2011. I use Nikon gear, and I live in the San Francisco East Bay area.

You can view my 365 Project Popular Page photos here:

I've been taking pictures for years but I had very specific goals in mind when I started this project - learn more about my camera and learn how to post edit pictures. For post editing I use a Wacom Cintiq 27QHD tablet, powerful MacBook Pro, and a large monitor make up the hardware, and for software I use Adobe Creative Cloud, Lightroom, Topaz, Alien Skin, OnOne, Filter Forge, Nik, Photomatix, Anthropics, and Red Giant Software are key parts to my editing library.

@jesperani Jennifer
I've always loved photography but children and life got in the way :) I started this project in 2012 to reacquaint myself with my camera and skills and have learned so much more along the way. I have an old Sony and a classic Canon but have discovered a love of editing that I could never have imagined and love anything from basic edits to creating completely new (and sometimes odd!) images. I can lose myself for hours playing on and learning more about Photoshop CC, and love to have a play on Picmonkey too.

@taffy TaffyR

I have only recently discovered a love of photography. I brought my first decent camera in 2015, and remember clearly the feeling of shear panic I had when I realised that I had no idea what Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO was. Fortunately a work colleague took pity on me and put me onto the 365 Project. Through this wonderful community I have learnt how to confidently shoot my camera out of Automatic mode (although I must confess, off camera flash still terrifies me). I have also developed a passion for post editing and mostly use Lightroom, Photoshop and at times the plug-ins from Nik and Topaz. I also shoot quite regularly with my Samsung Phone and mostly use the Snapseed and Picsart aps for editing. I'm certainly no expert and still have so much to learn myself. My hope is, that through helping others with the Sandbox project, this will in turn help me develop my skills and knowledge.

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Previous Members:
@roseolivia Rachel
I joined 365 about 18 months ago after being given my first DLSR as a gift two years ago, a Canon 550D, sold it about a year later with my kit lens and acquired a 5D Mark III, still haven't touched half of its abilities but love learning, when I can find the time! I shoot in RAW with either my 50mm 1.8, 85mm 1.2 which I am in LOVE with or the 24-70 f2.8 zoom lens when out and about. I can only grasp the basics of Lightroom and edit mostly in Photoshop CS6, I use Alienskin Exposure and Snapart4 as plugins and love actions and textures of Jessica Drossin and Sarah Gardner. I love conceptual, fashion and fine art photography as well as the beauty of children imagery. I edit on Macbook Pro with two large thunderbolt monitors, one is more than sufficient but my husband loves gadgets!! I am happy to share what I know and still have a lot to learn too

@aprilmilani April Milani

@tianarutledge Tiana Rutledge
So I joined 365 all of a week ago and I want to school you pros? Nah. But I do have some knowledge I can drop. While I am new to 365, I definitely am not a no0b to Photoshop. I have been using it since version 1 in 1996 and eventually was certified to teach the entire Adobe suite. I worked for 8 years at a state university in the Instruction Support department, where I was tasked with teaching educators how to use technology to teach. I also have a design background and currently work as a creative director - guiding and growing a design team of about 35. Over the years I have created simple tutorials, freebies and full on curriculums for Photoshop from basics to expert levels. Really looking forward to all of the projects to come!

@northy northy
I've been on 365 since the beginning of January 2012 and i've been in "learn" mode ever since. I have a couple cameras - Canon 70D and the Sony nex7 - as well as a fair collection of lenses. I'm something of a control freak and this has lead me to teaching myself lightroom (basic processing from RAW), nik silver efex (for black and white processing) and photoshop (compositing and other fun creative stuff). Happy to share whatever i know!