Mikes Valentine Tree by sandbox365

Mikes Valentine Tree

A very simple composite for the WWYD Challenge using @mikegifford tree, and also for the new composite challenge with the Love theme.

-Tree Image with a layer mask in the heart shape
- Layer to add the sky grass painterly texture. The texture is from http://www.dailytexture.com
- Blank Layer that I used a brush in the shape of a heart and set it to scatter. then brushed this on to the tree where I wanted the red love heart foliage.
- I then took the image into Topaz and added a some light to give it more of a dreamy feel.

This is a very brief description of my work flow. Please let me know if you want more information.
February 15th, 2018  
its pretty Debbie :) @deborah63
February 15th, 2018  
February 16th, 2018  
Magically marvelous
February 16th, 2018  
Beautifully done!
February 18th, 2018  
Such a nice and dreamy shot. Very well done and congratulations on being selected a finalist in the new challenge.Good luck!
February 24th, 2018  
@ltodd @kali66 @mikegifford @jesperani @taffy @deborah63

Here is a question for all and any who wish to answer.
I am posting it here because I know that those of you in the Sandbox are willing to teach.
All I have at the moment is PSE 14.
I am not happy with the way it organizes photos or the limitations it places on editing (although I know next to nothing about editing)
I am considering subscribing to both LR and Photoshop.
What does everyone recommend?
September 9th, 2018  
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