6 The stone house Helen by sandradavies

6 The stone house Helen

We have had a few earthquake shakes and tsunami warnings here yesterday. I heard Helen from the Chatham Is being interviewed on the radio. This shot is from her stone house taken recently. The cottage was built in the 1820's

She lives remotely and totally off the grid and will have been alert when we all felt the quake at 2am. She will have been very close than here on the mainland
A lovely shot. Hope all well after the tremor.
March 5th, 2021  
Helen was a real character and her house would probably out last all modern homes.. Such a cute cottage and when we were there in the spring had a very colourful garden..
March 5th, 2021  
@peadar Yes all well Peter, thank you, we live on the shaky isles but never get used to it.
@julzmaioro She sure is a character Julia, so many collections and stuff inside would weather any storm. Her garden late summer was as you say full of colour. It was great to hear her on the radio reporting her experience.
March 5th, 2021  
A shame I missed her on the radio, as she is an amazing woman to live way out there all alone. Such a lovely cottage and fabulous setting. A lovely image.
March 5th, 2021  
Such a beautiful shot of her window with lovely exposure and composition.
March 5th, 2021  
i recently read a story about her, what an idyll
March 5th, 2021  
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