MABEL by sangwann


Hello Mabel!

Hello Molly. I’ve been to the hairdresser this morning for a cut and blow. The nice hairdresser even made two beautiful twirls of my horns. How do I look eh?

Will tell you, Mabel, as soon as you take off your clumsy body from over my head.

Sheep at Lajosmizse Farmstead.
A beautiful picture!
August 25th, 2011  
What a beautiful image. Such a sweet face, lovely eyelashes and wild horn. Great fluffy Mabel!
August 25th, 2011  
beautiful! love those curley horns!
August 25th, 2011  
Great shot
August 25th, 2011  
That is beautiful. Happy to meet Mavel and Molly. They are wonderful animals.
August 25th, 2011  
August 25th, 2011  
very beautiful shot exellent
August 26th, 2011  
@chamal Thanks
August 26th, 2011  
What a great shot.
August 27th, 2011  
August 28th, 2011  
This is my new fav!
September 2nd, 2011  
@traciwood Thank you so much for your lovely comment
September 2nd, 2011  
what a beautiful shot! your description gave me a smile as well :)
September 27th, 2011  
@luvthyclassics Thanks Jesse
September 28th, 2011  
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