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This is my 3rd try at a complete 365. my last 2 were themed ( single subject). I made it more than half of the way through on my last one, but hit a creative block at #230.
So this one is going to be just a regular one with many subjects, and hopefully my first complete 365 in 8 years of shooting.
My second Album is entitled " My Journey into Darkness". I am dedicating it to my journey into the magical world of night photography. I was hooked after my first attempt ( though it didn't turn out well).
The quiet and peaceful solitude of the night and the splendor, and wonder of the universe before you is a feeling I hope my photos can bring to each viewer.

I am mostly self taught and do enjoy helping others to reach their goals so if you have any questions about how I did something, please feel free to contact and ask me.
you can connect with me on FB https://www.facebook.com/photographybysondrasarra/
Or via email. shutrfly@yahoo.com