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Update #2 - Took some time off. Felt like I was getting burnt out a little. But mostly my computer bit the dust, and my laptop was eating my pictures (or making them disappear, however you want to look at it!) Hope to get back on track, I've learned so much through this site, and want to learn more.


Update :) Been here quite a few years now. Have learned a lot, but have so much more to go! Lately I am working on portraits, I hope to master that, as well as I can anyway! Love this community, this site and all the support and learning!


Life with three busy kids, three crazy dogs, one amazing husband, and a full time job doesn't always allow me to get a pic a day, but I keep on trying ;)

Been with 365 for about a year and a half now and can't imagine being without it! I have learned so many new things about photography that I wouldn't have learned otherwise.

Super sincere thanks to anyone who takes the time to look at, comment, or fav and of my photos!