Fireside Conversations ~ A Family Portrait

Stopped by my parents house for lunch today. They had friends over and dad wanted to "show me off". After the guests had left we sat on the couch in front of the fire and I showed them the pictures I had taken with the wonderful Christmas present they had given me. I looked at our feet all together on the ottoman and thought about what a neat picture it would make and how indicative the foot wear was of our personalities. Dad in tennis shoes, ready for action at a moments notice. Mom in comfy wool socks, as warm and inviting as she is, and me, sandwiched in the middle, in knee high stiletto boots, dramatic and sassy as I 've been since day one. With our bellies full from homemade potato soup, served in toasted bread bowls, our conversation got lazy and our eyelids started to drift closed...that is when we knew it was time for us to scatter to our beds for a long Winter nap.
How many pairs of those sh**tkicker boots do you have anyway? Maybe I should avoid stopping by on my next visit up North, eh?
posted December 30th, 2009, brown suede, and the black ones. I need to get the black ones resoled...I have warn them out!
posted December 30th, 2009  
I love this! I've tried this myself, but haven't been able to make it work. Nice job!
posted December 31st, 2009  
Thanks, Loni! I love this angle. I took lots of vacation pics this summer from "my view" laying on the beach looking over my toes at the ocean. I just like catching what I actually see from the angle I see it. Plus, the footwear variety had to be is so us! =)
posted December 31st, 2009  
this is a fun portrait
posted July 22nd, 2010  
such a great portrait XD
posted January 19th, 2011  
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