Every Day We’re Hustling by sassyinthecity

Every Day We’re Hustling

I work at a public charter school with a small but amazing staff. We all wear many hats both officially and unofficially. For example, I am the school librarian but I am also the Jr. Beta Club sponsor, back up testing coordinator, webmaster and social media manager, Drama Club sponsor, K-2 Winter Musical Director, 6-8th Spring Play Director, K-5 Enrichment program coordinator and teacher, AR, iReady, and RTA administrator, and work the front desk twice a week to cover for our Art teacher/ receptionist when she goes to teach Art. Those are just the official jobs I have. I am not saying any of this to complain because, truthfully, I love my job! I love getting to do such varied tasking and I am doing it along side the best staff With whom I have ever worked. We are a small school with a small budget but we are all dedicated to the hustle it takes to make our school one of the very few A schools in ours or the surrounding counties. We all wear a thousand hats, including our principal. It is a beautiful thing to see how often we just step in where needed and work as a team. We have been through three hurricanes in the past few years, the tragic loss of a beautiful staff member and several staff and students’ family members, births, miscarriages, weddings, and so much more. No matter what though we step in and hustle for those that depend on us. Whether it is me covering a class so someone can go to an appointment with their sick parent or one of them being there for an after school play rehearsal because I fell on the playground during my already high risk pregnancy and needed to go to the ER but didn’t want my cast to lose a day of rehearsal so close to the show. That is why this mug is my favorite work mug. My principal gave it to me, she gave all the staff mugs with sayings on them this year. This one speaks to me so much because I love the hustle and bustle of this small public charter school life. I love it here, even when I am stressed to the gills and feeling overworked and under appreciated, as every human who works feels from time to time. I love seeing my fellow educators doing their best and going above and beyond consistently. It is a beautiful thing to be living my passion and God’s calling for me along side of educators like these.
What a wonderful writing! It’s such a nice keepsake to have to help you keep moving when life isn’t easy.
January 10th, 2020  
@carlasmith1990 thank you!
January 10th, 2020  
What a great testimonial to you and your charter school.
January 13th, 2020  
@lesip thank you!!!
January 17th, 2020  
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