Kayak Build II (11) - First Coat of Resin by schmidt

Kayak Build II (11) - First Coat of Resin

When I built the last two boats, I draped the fiberglass over the sanded hull, and then applied multiple coats of resin. The first coat infused the fiberglass and also provided the bond to the wood.

One bit of advice I stumbled upon recently was to apply a seal coat of resin to the hull, and *then* worry about the fiberglass. This requires waiting a few days for the first coat to cure, taking a bit more time to sand it, and then draping the fabric and applying a few more coats of resin.

The trick with the resin is that you either have to apply the next coat shortly after the preceding one (to achieve a chemical bond) or wait until it's completely cured and then sand it before then next coat (to achieve a physical bond).
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