Two-Buck Chuck by seasofrhye

Two-Buck Chuck

Ok, these corks don't have anything to do with Two-Buck Chuck. There was a large glass filled with these corks in the mall, and I thought they would make a nice photo.

The Two-Buck Chuck part enters into the picture on Sunday, when I went to visit my brother and family. I thought to myself, "I never bring anything when I visit. I should be a good visitor and bring something along with me when I go." So I looked in the cabinet (problem number one?) and looked at the two bottles of wine that I had. I picked the Charles Shaw one because I thought a red would be nice.

Having heard the term "Two-Buck Chuck" before, but not knowing what it referred to, I had no idea that that's what the Charles Shaw wine actually was.

My dad was sure to point it out to me. Several times.

Obviously, I did not get the wine snob gene. And I will be sure not to try to appear "high class" with gifts again, since I obviously have no idea what I'm doing. :o)
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