I don't know why I like these two photos (the other one is the Cape Town Harbour), the one isn't in focus and the other is horribly skew.
I kinda love this too. There's something so intriguing about it... the out of focus adds to the intrigue, I think. Who is she? What is she thinking about?
posted September 7th, 2017  
i love your clutter :)
posted September 7th, 2017  
@ludgate thanks Megan, it's weird, I just like it. Well, she's my wife and she's probably thinking, he's pointing that thing at me again, can I move? :p

@kali66 thanks Kali, carefully picked over the years and arranged in a haphazard way. It's first class clutter, I assure you.
My name is Jerard, and I'm a hoarder.
posted September 8th, 2017  
@semjaja Haha. Yup! Sounds about right. ;)
posted September 8th, 2017  
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