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NOPE ... not a portraiture kind of person ... I have realised this much over the past 3 years and now I just don't do it.

1.1.14 - A new year and although not technically the start of my 3rd year it will be soon enough. I somehow managed to complete a 12 month 'colour theme' the results of which you can see here ~ http://365project.org/sewsharyn/365/2014-01-01 ... Definitely glad its over but also very glad I stuck with it and finished.

I don't thank everyone individually (I unfortunately don't have the time) I do however appreciate each and every comment and view and fav received. THANK YOU :))

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Get Pushed Challenges
20.1.14 - People in their natural state.
27.1.14 - Candid shots of people.
3.2.14 - Portrait Photography.
10.2.14 - Indoor and stripes.
17.2.14 - Portrait Photography.
24.2.14 - Digits.
3.3.14 - Capture the emotion 'joy'.
10.3.14 - Take a shot you aren't happy with and reinvent it.
17.3.14 - Photograph food for advertising.
24.3.14 - Portrait Photography.
31.3.14 - Portrait Photography
7.4.14 - Capture some sporting action of some sort.
14.4.14 - Photo of a cake or dinner that you have made, something really tasty.
21.4.14 - Create a selective colour image with a natural theme.
28.4.14 - Intentional camera movement.
5.5.14 - Self portrait involving some type of reflection.
12.5.14 - Macro image (but not food or flowers).
19.5.14 - Panning.
26.5.14 - Circles.
2.6.14 - Fluid Crown
9.6.14 - (No challenge issued)
16.6.14 - Refraction
23.6.14 - Photographing something either during the golden hour or the blue hour.
30.6.14 - Choose 6 items, each from a different room or space in my house. Combine the 6 into a single image either as a still life or collage, connected thematically -- the theme being my choice.
7.7.14 - No challenge issued.
14.7.14 - Capture something orange but it can't be a flower, fruit, sunset or sunrise. Adjusting colours, tones and hue is okay. Lastly, a human body part must be in the image
21.7.14 - landscape image with high dynamic range
28.7.14 - Curves - any kind that I liked
4.8.14 - image where shadows are the main feature and process in b&w.
11.8.14 - White on white or high key.

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"All we are given is possibilities - to make ourselves one thing or another." Jose Ortega Y Gasset

Married, mother of two, living in Victoria, Australia.
After a personally challenging 2011, I now embrace every day without hesitation and enjoy every minute of each and every one of them.
I started this project with an open mind and open eyes.