I'm Giving Up

Well, yes, I guess this is it. I had actually planned to complete my second year, but there were too many times lately that I had to cancel my photo trips due to illness and had to return before I could take a single picture. Like today, when I had actually planned a trip to the countryside as it's said this would be the last warm and sunny day of the summer. But I had to turn around and go back home before I even left the car! It's too frustrating, and I'm feeling my photography is way behind my usual standard for a while now, and I don't want to do that any longer. There are so many things I would like to do and like to try, but I know I never will due to my poor health; I will never progress - and I hate the pictures I was taking lately.

Thank you to everyone here who was looking and commenting on my pictures; there was so much inspiration coming from this place. But now it's no longer happening, at least not for me. I'm completely burnt out.

I'm wishing everyone here a lot of fun with their projects.
Well that's too bad, I really enjoyed your stuff. But you did complete one year, so that is something to be proud of. I know after my year is up I will not do another. I find it a difficult road at times too. Good luck with all you do in the future.
posted September 10th, 2012  
I hope you find solutions to your health problems soon because you do have a talent at photography. I hope you don't give it up completely as I'm sure there will be more good stuff to come in the future. Its hard even at the best of times to deliver every day.
posted September 10th, 2012  
@newbie @fueast : Thank you! Well, I'm kind of sad to leave, I may still post a picture every once in a while if I have one, at least if my account won't be deleted. :-/ But I think I really need a break from photography. It has become a constant source of frustration lately.
posted September 10th, 2012  
Oh Shadowdancer - I'm so sorry to hear you will be leaving us. I have thoroughly enjoyed your photos. You were one of my first that I followed. You, Lily and Luna will be missed. I wish you all the very best - may you find remedies to your troubles and may you, in the future, find the strength, health and happiness to go out and shoot again. Be strong - xx
posted September 10th, 2012  
@thebluegnu: Thank you very much! I'm also very sorry, and sad, too. I'm already beginning to miss 365 and the people here! :-O I just wish I would feel better and would be able to try new things, but I just don't want to take any more pictures of the same old stuff every day.
posted September 10th, 2012  
Ahhh, I'm gonna miss seeing your beautiful kitty cats. I wish you all the best with you health and hope things improve soon. I can understand why you'd want to take a break, but I'm also certain if you decide to return everyone would be really happy to have you filling their feed again! 365 has lost (another) goodie, very sad!
posted September 10th, 2012  
Take care and all the best for the future , I will miss viewing your pictures.
posted September 10th, 2012  
Best of luck to you and if you feel like dropping by from time to time, please do!
posted September 10th, 2012  
Well that's sad because of the pain you're in but the photography is supposed to be fun not an added anxiety. Enjoy some R&R time and hope we'll see you back feeling better some day soon.
posted September 10th, 2012  
I'm very very sorry to hear dancer in the shadow! I sure do wish you all the best. Health first of course, than hobbies...
posted September 10th, 2012  
I'm so sorry you're leaving, I love your shots, cat people together! I hope you begin to feel better soon and maybe one day we'll see you back here! :)
posted September 10th, 2012  
I feel like I will be missing an old friend. I am sad you are saying farewell... I hope your health improves and you will at least return and visit from time to time. You have had some extraordinary photos... I will miss you. Take good care of you.
posted September 11th, 2012  
@calm @naomi @mastermek @judithg @gnilrets @jasonfury @charli321 : Thank you so v ery much for all your kind words! Makes it even harder to leave entirely... :-( Maybe I'll just drop by every now and then, or at least look at everyone else's pictures.
It's raining today, summer seems to be over now, and I haven't taken one summer shot that I really like... I'm so sad.
posted September 11th, 2012  
You know what, you should be so proud of all the pics you've taken. I've really enjoyed looking at them and reading your descriptions on each one! I hope you feel better and get back to doing what you love soon.
posted September 11th, 2012  
I hope your health improves, I know you're dealing with a lot. You were one of the first people I followed on 365, I truly admire your talent. Perhaps you will find some renewed inspiration. I will miss seeing your beautiful kitties, too!
posted September 14th, 2012  
Sorry to hear you are leaving. With time, perhaps you will be feeling better and will return. Wishing you the best.
posted September 16th, 2012  
I'm going to add my thoughts too! This sort of creativity often comes with frustration - its the standard that you set yourself! You can't be too good all the time! Reset your ideals to just be content with what you have done instead of thinking its going to be judged! It's your choice an I respect that but would love to see more work from you!
posted September 20th, 2012  
I backtracked to find you after realizing that I hadn't seen any of your amazing shots for a while. How did I miss this??? I am so sorry I didn't see your farewell shot in time to let you know how much I have enjoyed your photography. You have such a creative eye and so much talent, Shadowdancer. I hope you will take the time you need to focus on your health and get to a place where you feel up to returning to photography in general and this project in particular. As one who is struggling with a chronic and debilitating illness, I know how difficult it is to just get through a day and accomplish the basics ~ like getting out of bed and getting dressed. I've taken lots of mini-breaks to regroup, refocus, and renew myself. I hope your decision to leave will turn out to be a temporary hiatus. Your statement about 'so many things you'd like to try and never will' totally resonates with me. The thought of what I've had to give up, that I used to take for granted, could drive me crazy. I've had to work really hard to learn to focus on the things I can still do rather than lament the loss of those I can't. Wishing you all the best as you rest and find your way through your health issues. I'm certainly hoping you will decide to make a return to 365. I have always enjoyed your fabulous photography. Take care!
posted October 2nd, 2012  
I, too, was just realizing that I hadn't seen any posts from you lately, so I searched for your page. This makes me sad on many levels. I sincerely hope you find good health very soon. I will miss your photos but hope to see some here and there, when you do feel inspired.
Take good care, ShadowDancer!!! xo
posted October 7th, 2012  
Take care, hope you are feeling better soon :)
posted October 30th, 2012  
Thinking of you today, hoping you are feeling stronger... would love to 'hear' from you.
posted November 3rd, 2012  
Very sad to see you leave the project, but I understand. I've been contemplating it too. Best of luck with everything.
posted November 9th, 2012  
I only just got back from a long hiatus, I hope you're well. Thanks for sharing your photos here, I found them and you inspiring x
posted January 1st, 2013  
Still miss your photos... hope your health is improving.
posted January 4th, 2013  
I Shadowdancer - Hope life is treating you well. I'm really missing you and your kitties. Sending ♥
posted March 5th, 2013  
Checking in to see how you are... miss you.
posted January 22nd, 2014  
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