Panning - Southbank

Technical: Panning

Use the technique of panning to capture a subject in movement. Panning is using a slower shutter speed while following the subject with the camera to create the sense of movement in an image.

This is at 1/15 second - and was taken on 3 April at the Southbank skate park - I was on my way to see David Baddiel's My Family not the Sitcom
Oh I remember taking shots here myself. How was DB? I saw the programme he did a while back on his dad's dementia. I think the show has something to do with it hasn't it? xx
posted April 16th, 2017  
@psychographer Yes David Baddiel's father has dementia, and David Baddiel was chatting about his mother (who is now dead) and his father.
posted April 17th, 2017  
This is cool! Lovely capture.
posted June 3rd, 2017  
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