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Hello :) I'm Juliet, a 31 year-old British Australian combination, who tired of the 'work -sleep-work for scant financial reward' trap, and took off to the Balkans. The first time I came to Sarajevo was early in 2008, and since then I have been trying to get back here in a more permanent way. Last June, this became a reality, as I took a job working in a tourist agency for my friend's hostel.
To me, Bosnia never grows boring. Despite its deep political ineffectiveness, ethnic turbulence and lack of a welfare state, it's a beautiful country. Sarajevo in particular is a real pleasure, with its cultural vibrancy, eclectic architecture and slight edge of willful abandon. People have time for each other, and an appreciation of their importance in each others' lives.
When I first moved here, I had a strong desire to capture this particular moment of time in the city, as it moves from a place of perceived danger to something more internationally palatable. So, I bought a camera and started to document daily life.
Things are changing quickly, and it's exciting to watch. Welcome to my project. I hope you enjoy the journey with me.