Webs On Her Wings by sharleen

Webs On Her Wings

I work in a residence for seniors. Some of them are physically and emotionally healthy. Others are not as fortunate. Today, one of these unfortunate ones felt quite lost and all she really needed was a helping hand; a bit of time devoted to just her to show her how to do something really so simple - how to lock her door.

I found her struggling with the key. She had been doing so for about ten minutes. The door lock is at the height of her chest, so stooped over is she from age and crooked bones. Her thin arms were tired and aching from wrestling with the key and she was frustrated. "The key just won't work but I'm told that it's fine!" she angrily spit out.

I took the key from her and tried it. She was right; the key didn't turn well. Although she had been told that there was nothing wrong with it, that she should be able to lock it just fine, there was no locking it.

Probably the worst part was that she had not been believed. Had she been a young, vital woman, her valid complaint would have been listened to and not doubted because she's somewhat forgetful and her ego would not have been bruised.

A few minutes later, it was determined that there was a simple trick - the handle had to be slightly lifted and voila! The door was locked.

If each of us spent a few minutes being more tolerant, patient, empathetic ... what would happen?
Well, we have something in common. I volunteer at a nursing home playing bingo. And yes as you say some are fine and others needs lots of help. Most just need someone to explain the variation we do. When I go on Saturdays I find myself thinking do I want to go and when I am done I am always so happy because they are happy to see me.
Nice picture.
June 7th, 2014  
Thank you Joan.
June 7th, 2014  
Beautiful stature, webs and bokeh, make for a lovely capture.
June 8th, 2014  
Thanks Shelley, for the great feedback. Always a plus when I get bokeh - I love that!
June 8th, 2014  
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