Mysterious Fireplace In The Woods by sharleen

Mysterious Fireplace In The Woods

I followed the leaf covered road in the back woods, leading to nowhere. The sun sparkled on the wet colourful leaves that had fallen, leaving many of the trees bare, allowing the sun to filter through the dense underbrush.

I thought it would be fun to leave the road and wander, just for a short walk, up the hill. As I glanced up, I noticed a huge structure among the tall pines, oak and birch trees and wondered at this mysterious construction, here in the middle of a forest.

Not thinking of the possibility of getting lost, I hastened and went deeper and climbed higher, slipping on the leaves as I hurried. I fell to my knees, sliding back a few feet, camera banging heavily against my chest. Eyes still on the mammoth stone building, I continued. Now, I had to hold onto whatever branches were available.

Scratching my hands with pine needles, sinking deep into the forest floor, I was determined. I had to backtrack. Trees had fallen here, making it impossible to get further and so I went around. Finally at my destination, I was standing in front of a magnificent stone fireplace, the height reaching easily 30 feet into the air.

Perched on the hillside, with trees growing all around it, I couldn't figure out what it was doing here. I noticed just below, an old collapsed roof with galvanized metal shingles still nailed to the rotting planks of wood. A fire, perhaps, a century earlier had destroyed this house? Surely it must have been huge.

I wondered what family had gathered 'round this hearth. As I gazed at the beauty surrounding me, I decided this must have been a home filled with happiness.
It looks like this fireplace was built to last. That the house didn't. Interesting story.
October 22nd, 2014  
Thanks Janice. The photo doesn't do it justice. It was huge and so strange, to find it there in the woods. Kind of creepy. But then, I thought, why think it's creepy? Me and my imagination... It's a wonder I didn't get lost!
October 22nd, 2014  
Your very adventurous. Lovely find.
October 22nd, 2014  
This is such a lovely photo, so much mischief must have been had! Perhaps this is what the wood elves use?
October 25th, 2014  
Adventurous comes close to crazy, Joan. ;-) I hope I never get into trouble with my adventuring! It was fun seeing this though!
October 25th, 2014  
Thanks Brianna! No, way too big for elves! It would have to be those giants that we thought we heard thundering around in the woods.
October 25th, 2014  
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