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Hi there! Excited to be here although it took me a while to join. I'm feeling somewhat intimidated by all the beautful photographs I have looked at but I'm delighted too and hey, how much fun will I have, gazing at these wonderful sights before me on my computer screen every day? Certainly I will learn a great deal by doing so. Each of you is so talented...

I live in Canada, in a suburb just outside Montréal, in the province of Québec with my husband. Our two amazing adult daughters live on the island of Montréal. A few years ago, I began and attempted to keep a daily photo journal but after several weeks, due to certain events in my life, I lost interest and gave up. Actually, I completely abandoned my photography! How sad is that?!!

I have many hobbies but my main interest is photography and I am so relieved and grateful that my love and passion for taking photographs has returned. I am happy. I have taken several classes in the subject but I still have so much to learn. I look forward to your opinions and feedback and I will certainly welcome suggestions!