Happy 365 Day

Realised after I'd uploaded yesterday's photo that it was actually my 365th.....but as this is the end of 2013, and the completion of my first year of 365, I thought it would be ok for today.

You've no idea how many different combinations of three little numbers I came up with, difficult writing backwards in the dark.....but after freezing to death in the garden and hoping the flashlight didn't run out of battery power, here's the result.

I'd like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has stopped by to view and comment on my photographs, it's what has kept me going during 2013 which hasn't been the best of years and taking photographs has given me the distraction that I needed.

Happy New Year everyone. xxx
Congratulations and very well done for completing the year. It's not easy, I know. Funky shot; very creative. Have a very happy new year :-)
posted December 31st, 2013  
That is so clever! Congratulations, will you continue? Happy New Year!
posted December 31st, 2013  
Great shot! Congrats on completing year one and a Happy New Year to you!
posted January 1st, 2014  
This is very cool and congrats on completing a year.
posted January 1st, 2014  
Brilliant!! Hope you've warmed up now! Congrats on completing 365!!!! Hope 2014 is a lot better year for you my friend :-)
posted January 1st, 2014  
Well done Sharon, It's been a pleasure taking part at the same time, you've got some great shots to look back on, and hopefully plenty more in year 2!! It seems it went fast now, but during I remember thinking "this is the longest year of my life"!!!
posted January 2nd, 2014  
This is really creative. I love it!
posted January 4th, 2014  
This is so neat! Congratulations on finishing Year One of your 365 project. I hope to finish my first year in early February. I'm looking forward to following you. :)
posted January 5th, 2014  
congratulations on completiing 365, sorry i missed this! good luck for year 2 :)
posted January 8th, 2014  
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