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I live in a small town in West Yorkshire with my husband, teenage twin boys and our mad crazy but adorable Cocker Spaniel (who has featured very heavily in my 365 many times and probably will continue to when I'm struggling for inspiration). I am a working mum who is still on a huge learning curve in respect of photography, but to me it's just an enjoyable hobby. Loving the idea of documenting our life and it's great to look back on the memories that we make along the way.

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Year 5 - 2017- Well..... here we go.... (AGAIN!). Kicking myself for last year as we got lots and lots of travelling in including Florida, Toronto, New York which would have given me lots of 365 entries and there was a lot of fantastic memories made too. Hey ho.......here goes for 2017. Wish me luck!!!

Year 4 - 2016 - Failed miserably in year 3 and lost all motivation for 2016.

Year 3 - 2015 - So grateful for all the trending and popular page entries I achieved last year and I am hoping to try and make more effort this year to learn something new. I know I've still a lot to learn and I know I'll never be happy with any photograph I take (but that's just how I am) so I reckon the more I take the better I may get....even if it annoys the life out of the rest of my family when the camera comes out :)....I've even got a few new gadgets to help me along my way this year (hopefully they'll work!). Determined to post something each day and also try to stop by and comment on all the wonderful photographs from everyone else.

Year 2 - 2014 - Looked forward to this year more than ever. Started out with the determination to take a photo a day, post it and comment as much as I could but as ever life takes over and I had to leave this at times and felt unable to catch up no matter how hard I tried to. Another year of great memories.

Year 1 - 2013 - Was in awe at the majority of photos on this site and knew I was out of my depth but set about learning as I went on. Enjoyed being able to make a diary of my year and look back on it, even through the bad times there were also a lot of happy memories.