Heap of Snow

Yesterday's storm resulted in over 100,00 power outages. There was talk among coworkers about how it was going to hit,

I was of the skeptical ones. Our winter has been mild. I could have ridden my bike through most of this season.

A friend and I were texting back and forth. We joked about the "accumulation."

We likened the falling flurries to a giant box of potato flakes.

Well, the joke was literally on us. Sure enough, by the evening the weather was messy and the snow mounted.

The weather people know what they are talking about. I shot this heap of snow today to make it appear as powerful as it can be.

One flake is all it takes to turn into heaps and mountains if snow.

When it is fresh it makes everything look brighter. After it has fallen and plowed things look murkier.

I've learned my lesson. Potato flakes are only in the box. This is real.
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