I was playing around with my daughter's things again today (obviously I'm on vacation from work and have time to do this kind of stuff)... Anyway, I'm loving the macro stuff. I think dominos are interesting. So, here ya go!
Nice picture! The angle of the camera really adds to the picture.
I tried to take some pictures of some toppling domino's a month ago; didn't turn out too well.
posted December 29th, 2009  
Thanks! I thought about knocking some over, too, but I'd spend all day trying to get it right.
posted December 29th, 2009  
nice dof and focus! cute :)
posted December 29th, 2009  
Loni, I agree with Jonathan. Too few change the angle, and I think tilt and perspective are part of composition. I am waiting for the domino to slide off the table, as if it was was on the SS Poseidon as it was capsizing in the movie. Ok, ok, TMI.
posted December 30th, 2009  
You're awesome Chris :-)
Thanks Sarah!
posted December 30th, 2009  
I might just be really sleepy, but the domino kinda looks like a person to me. A person who's waiting to do something important. :o)
posted December 30th, 2009  
ooh, i like this :D
posted December 30th, 2009  
Very cool - I like this one! Love the simplicity and the color.
posted December 31st, 2009  
So simple... love it!
posted February 14th, 2012  
posted March 19th, 2012  
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