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1 month update: Here's what I have learnt in very short time: I do like b&w; nature is inherently beautiful, and macro allows us to show that. I love looking at street photography, but am too scared to do it! I now know what SOOC means, and that's what all my pictures are, aside from the occasional "in camera" crop. (Not because I am a purist, you understand, I'm just not that into it...yet!) Everyone on here appears to have extremely clean, uncluttered homes, with amazing huge windows and billowy curtains! This is a really friendly site that becomes addictive! That is quite a lot to have learnt in just one month!

I am a complete amateur! This is to help me learn more about what I can do and what i like; so far, I know I like b&w and plants in macro...but there must be more!