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Thank you for taking time to view my images, I appreciate any comments and rather than a quick thank you will do my best to view your work and comment back in kind. Constructive critiques are welcome.

Inspired by my friend Michelle's photos and the purchase of a 1st dsl camera. ( Jan.2012)

Update September 2013 - woohoo I finally uploaded my 365th shot - have taken so many more and learnt even more than that, what a journey! A fellow 365er once said "I get so busy with my laziness" - yup that does happen to me (especially if a good book is involved. Sometimes it is just a case life taking over and leaving me in a scramble, but I'll keep coming back - I love that feeling of getting that shot that I planned and went for.
Joined the get pushed challenges and to keep a quick record for myself I will be adding the challenges issued below - see all my GP responses here http://365project.org/tags/sianipopsgetpushedchallenges

GP83 - a landscape with water - from @steampowered
GP82 - a selfie that tells about me - from @brigette
GP81 - photograph a stranger - from @bigugly
GP80 - a picture of a favorite read - from @joansmor
GP79 - recreate a shot - from @stacypie
GP78 - light painting - from @teodw
GP77 - use dynamic natural light - from @kirstenpicchick
GP76 - a Renaiassance era style image - from @socalgal
GP75 - portraits - from @homeschoolmom
GP74 - Christmas themed portraits - from @dh (although I forgot about the Christmas theme :)
GP73 - show essence of the holidays in my hometown - from @socalgal
GP72 - light trails - from @archaeofrog
GP71 - people, portrait, candid or anything in between - from @bristlerose
GP70 - abstract B&W with a little selective color - from @nanderson
GP69 - show something that gives a sense of Texas - from @jyokota
GP68 - tell a story - from @3rdxoff
GP67 - negative space - from @sandypw
GP66 - panning shot - from @summerfield
GP65 - high key - from @3rdxoff
GP64 - smoke - from @nadaa
GP63 - Water - from @tracysphotos
GP62 - A diptych or triptych that tells a story from @mikegifford

Update: May 2012, hit a glitch in uploading and at times taking photo's - time, my evil enemy! Have added an iphone to my collection and hope to learn and grow more with this addition. Love this website and continue to be amazed and in awe of the talent here, so inspiring!