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So much has changed, I have been a member, not always active for over 4 years now .. wow !

My work has evolved, changed, life has got in the way but now I am more grounded. I started studying Sue Bryce about a month ago.. best thing I did. She has grounded me, made me rethink things and as you guys will see most of the things I share now are portrait base.

I suck at following to be honest, when I get on I will go through and have a look at work you have all been creating , I might just fav or might leave a word but its not consistent .. so right up front I am going to tell you I am sorry. I have lost a lot of followers who thought I'd respond back every time but in all honesty I don't get much time. Its not that I don't love your work its just that I normally do not have enough hours in the day. I do try however!!

Okay so less dramatics .. I'm a mum and a wife. I study at the local Polytech (like a uni but smaller) in photography, I also study Sue Bryce. I am working towards my Bachelor of Creative Industries majoring in visual art or Graphic Design (haven't decided yet )

I'm a big supporter of Autism as my daughter has autism. I'm proud mum to 4 kids at home and love every minute of it. I am also a support worker in a retirement village which is very rewarding work !

So follow me, I'll follow you back and I'll do the best I can to comment on your beautiful photos
You can check out more of my work at: