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Hi, I live in Sydney, Australia.

( We relocated back from the beautiful South Coast in 2015 due to my youngest son having Brain Cancer) I'am not liking been back in a big City, but you have to do what you have to do!.......

I had a very long break from 365, but I'am back for another year.

I'am married with 5 children & I also do foster care work for disadvantage children full time.
We have two dogs, Yoda is my goofy boy,fun loving,very protective Rottweiler.
My husband has a German Shepherd,named Coco,her & Yoda are besties.
I love animals & photography is a hobby I have enjoyed for many years.
I'am no professional, just take photo's for the enjoyment.

Thank you to those who stop by to look & comment on my photo's.