I'll See It Through by slava

I'll See It Through

“I have an idea that the only thing which makes it possible to regard this world we live in without disgust is the beauty which now and then men create out of the chaos. The pictures they paint, the music they compose, the books they write, and the lives they lead. Of all these the richest in beauty is the beautiful life. That is the perfect work of art.”
― W. Somerset Maugham, The Painted Veil

Inspired by "I'll See It Though" by Texas: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JbwPxEe4Xzk&index=12&list=PLE40FC5869A3156B6
"1000 Photos" Slava! 1000 Fabulously wonderful photos!. I love the fact that certain photographer's work is so recognizable that you know who'll appear next within the exposure for the first half inch! Your image and the words pair perfectly...poignant...emotive and so true...
August 22nd, 2014  
whooooaaaaaa I love this! I didn't figure it out at first, but I still loved it straight away. Looked like plant leaves :) And the shape reminds me of a mouth with a tongue sticking out :) So many layers to this image, keeps my interest for a long time. Great one & fav
August 22nd, 2014  
August 22nd, 2014  
this is stunning and gorgeous! I love the fact that now I can recongnize your pictures before seeing your name, I guess you have a real style :)
August 22nd, 2014  
August 22nd, 2014  
Splendid as always
August 22nd, 2014  
A massive winner. This is nothing but beautiful shapes.
August 23rd, 2014  
fav!!! love the lighting
August 23rd, 2014  
You have always been so good. Love this one Slava, can you tell me when the photo contest is next year. I wont win but would love to put a photo in for fun. Thanks, Peggy
November 6th, 2014  
Stunning. Love this!
November 10th, 2014  
December 31st, 2014  
Wonderful as always.
April 2nd, 2015  
Beautiful young lady!
September 1st, 2015  
October 24th, 2015  
Thank you all so much, my dear 365 friends!!!!
April 20th, 2016  
Love this!
July 10th, 2018  
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